6-VELD 57mm infantry gun


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6-veld 57mm infantry gun (Krupp M1894)


In 1940 the standard Dutch infantry gun was the so called 6-veld. It was a 19th century light field artillery gun of the first generation of steel guns. Although not utterly useless it was outdated in virtually all aspects in 1940.In May 1940 no less than 206 pieces were still in use. Usually every infantry regiment had a battery of four guns in its organisation. In the Peel-Raamline the battalions that were left to defend the line [when III.Corps was evacuated to the Fortress Holland at the 10th of May 1940] each had a four gun battery at its disposal. This "reinforcement" was due to the total lack of modern artillery and AT guns in this entire defence-line. A handful of 6-veld guns were assigned in single or twin-gun batteries in the outer defence lines to.

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