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Gun 39 6-VELD 57mm infantry gun

6-VELD 57mm infantry gun

6-veld 57mm infantry gun (Krupp M1894)   In 1940 the standard Dutch infantry gun was the so called 6-veld. It was a 19th century light field...


Gun 40 7-VELD Krupp 75mm gun

7-VELD Krupp 75mm gun

7-veld 75mm field gun The 7-veld gun was the standard artillery piece in almost all field-artillery regiments. The Dutch army had 27 artillery...


Gun 42 Bohler 47mm ATG

Bohler 47mm ATG

The Dutch Army tested a number of ATGs, amongst which the German PAK 35/36 and the Austrian Böhler . The latter was chosen for its better...